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CSI Rentals

Rent Pro Digital Cameras, Cinema Cameras and Lenses Digital Backs, DSLR HD Video Rigs, Computers, Strobe, HMI, Tungsten, Kino Flo, LED, Grip + Video Equipment geared towards a user friendly atmosphere and understands your needs and will help you choose the right equipment for a successful photo shoot. Rent Photo + Digital equipment in New York City and Brooklyn with confidence!.

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@CSIRENTALS Feb 14, 19:35

Packaged $avings Customized For Your Shoot https://t.co/TbBQkECm6e https://t.co/kIqEd0SZqS

@CSIRENTALS Feb 02, 15:49

Gear Up For Fashion Week NYC - Feb. 9-17

@CSIRENTALS Jan 25, 23:05

Sony PXW FS7II XDCAM 4K Super 35mm Camcorder CSI Rentals https://t.co/Y3Tw9cQBJT

@CSIRENTALS Jan 25, 22:58

The New Sony FS7II Now in Rental CSI Rentals and Csi Rentals https://t.co/gebdxRCneA

@CSIRENTALS Jan 24, 15:59

Save 10% on your next rental of Cameras, Lenses, Lighting, And Grip Equipment Rental In Manhattan or Brooklyn New... https://t.co/BzXJY1lXDV

@CSIRENTALS Jan 24, 15:47

Canon Compact Servo 18-80mm T4.4 EF Lens With Grip now CSI Rentals https://t.co/zNAilG79yu

@CSIRENTALS Dec 14, 19:50

The Perfect Gift For Your Colleague https://t.co/vJOxq9MrtB

@CSIRENTALS Nov 15, 15:49

Thanksgiving weekend Wed. PM - Mon. 10AM = 1 Day Rate! https://t.co/tegIsHTpgT

@CSIRENTALS Nov 02, 21:26

Need A Dolly Jib? https://t.co/FnMbLxoS3a

@CSIRENTALS Oct 26, 13:27

We're back! Open now at both locations. reminder to return your rentals by 10am

@CSIRENTALS Oct 06, 17:06

13 Day Rental 3 Day Rate https://t.co/Jf2aY7THy4

@CSIRENTALS Sep 29, 17:43

Reminder: CSI Rentals will be CLOSED Monday & Tuesday Oct.3 &4

@CSIRENTALS Sep 26, 23:01

Zooooom In with 4k Osmo+ https://t.co/BkEQ3sIMRT

@CSIRENTALS Sep 20, 14:44

New Profoto Pro 10 Announced https://t.co/I6RMJEDhSd

@CSIRENTALS Sep 19, 23:03

6 Day Rental At 1 Day Rate https://t.co/Tv4XD53uH9

@CSIRENTALS Sep 19, 18:11

Profoto Introducing Air Remote TTL-S TTL & HSS for Sony A7 Series Cameras https://t.co/MoTgSGLLEj

@CSIRENTALS Sep 12, 15:49

CSI Rentals The New Canon 5D Mark IV Unpacked Ready To Rent https://t.co/iVpdzu5wU5

@CSIRENTALS Sep 01, 16:10

Canon Announced the new amazing C700 Cinema Cameras https://t.co/QIchiXEVWa

@CSIRENTALS Aug 31, 19:36

Stock Rotation Bargain - Canon 5D Mark II For Sale CSI Rentals https://t.co/GZNn7VvjN9

@CSIRENTALS Aug 31, 17:42

Labor Day Weekend #Rental #Special 5 Day Rental For 1 Day Rate Begins Thursday 9/1 3PM @CSIRENTALS https://t.co/SXqmm7OjkY

@CSIRENTALS Aug 30, 21:55

New Nikon Lens Fast & Sharp rent it @ CSI Rentals for your next portrait shot https://t.co/KH6ud9SRBz

@CSIRENTALS Aug 23, 21:20

The new Came Optimus Has Arrived 3 Axis Gimbal Camera 32bit encoder https://t.co/EOrLJAgiKG

@CSIRENTALS Aug 04, 19:34

ikan Beholder DS1 3 Axis Motorized Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLRs And Mirrorsless https://t.co/scJOd73uFx

@CSIRENTALS Aug 04, 14:59

This Months Special 30% OFF Complete Event Package With Photo Video Lighting Options https://t.co/RPtUB0urI1

@CSIRENTALS Jul 19, 15:58

https://t.co/CvUJxcK6RQ Best Got Even Better CSI Rentals See our new site https://t.co/JX5DrLJ72k

@CSIRENTALS Jul 07, 19:38

Please Note: During July & August We will be Closed on Sundays

@CSIRENTALS Jul 07, 19:22

New DJI Ronin MX now in rental https://t.co/eSnnIrEpjA

@CSIRENTALS Jul 07, 17:13

We all Pray for Ray! We miss his great humor, Ray will fight his illness with his Happy Smile! https://t.co/PXrZmydMXv

@CSIRENTALS Jun 29, 15:52

Now Hiring. FULL TIME Position available for Video Audio Equipment Rental Tech MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE With Camera... https://t.co/h2GaQFHo7c